Friday, March 14, 2014

Chocolate Milk Epiphany

It would seem that God can speak at any time and in any way.

Baalam's donkey.

Angelic wrestling match.

Burning bush.

Sound of silence.

Chocolate milk.

Yep. Even chocolate milk.
Love it.
I love how He can speak through anything, at anytime, to anyone who is listening.


It was snack time in our household. I was getting the Trio's snacks ready in the kitchen,and I was wrestling (yet again) with the fact that God's timing and ways were not lining up with my timing and my ways.

Accidentally, I had filled El's glass a bit too full of milk -- well, a bit too full if I was to fit in the chocolate syrup for his chocolate milk. But, fearlessly, I pressed on and squeezed as much chocolate into the glass as it would hold. Now I had a problem. How was I to stir the chocolate into the milk without spilling it all over the counter?


I pulled out a long-handled tea spoon and carefully began to flick the chocolate around in the bottom of the glass. The surface of the milk was not even moving (which was good, otherwise I would have had a milk-tastrophe to clean up.)

"This is gonna take a while," I thought.

"But is it mixing?" I heard the Lord ask me.

"Yes," I answered. I knew it was because I could feel the syrup stuck to the spoon. I knew it was mixing, even though I couldn't see through the opaque glass, even though the surface of the milk was not moving, even though I knew this would take a while.

"But you can't see it. You can't see anything happening," He pointed out.

"Uh-huuuuuuuuh . . ." I knew He was going somewhere with this one.

"Sweetheart, sometimes My work is so deep that the surface of life is not disturbed by it. Sometimes you cannot see that I am working at all. But I am. The work I am doing is deep. But it is true. It is lasting. And it can't be rushed."


I looked down at the glass that I was carefully stirring, and I began to see the faintest streaks of light-brown swirling to the surface of the glass.


"Babe, I AM working. I have heard your prayer, and I am working. You are praying. I am working -- whether you can see it or not. Trust me, sweetheart, I am working. And it is going to be awesome."


So, when I am praying, and I cannot see Him moving in anyway in the situation, I sit back. I remember the overly-full glass of chocolate milk. And I smile.

It's deep work.
It's lasting work.
And HE is doing it.
I can just patiently wait.

Chocolate milk, baby!

It speaks to me on so many levels . . .

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